The Kenya Education Project

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All donations will support the Kenya Child Protection and Education Project. Funds will be sent directly to World Vision, the organization overseeing distribution to this project.

What is the Kenya Education Project?
The Kenya Education Project is an effort to empower girls in Kenya with education and opportunities, enabling them to go to school, get vocational and community training, and also promote and facilitate reporting of abuse and after-care services.
How does it work?
Money raised in this campaign will be put to work building schools and facilities in 5 World Vision Area Development Programs in the North Rift Valley region of Kenya, building schools, funding outreach and awareness efforts for child’s rights, and empowering young girls.
Where does my money go?
World Vision, a US501(c)(3) organization, will facilitiate the transfer of money from this campaign to projects on the ground in Kenya.
Why participate?
In Kenya, approximately 90% of girls undergoing female genital mutiliation (FGM) will drop out of school by age 13 and many of them will be forced into early marriage.  The best way to stop this injustice is to empower these young girls with education and support.  By donating to this campaign, you will be helping a generation of young girls gain the tools they need to recover from abuse, and ultimately thrive.
How do I know my donation will make a difference?
Once your gift has been implemented, World Vision will send an Impact Story back in the form of a project update detailing how your funds made a difference for girls’ lives in Kenya.

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Joanna gave 50 for a donation to The Kenya Child Protection and Education Project
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Provide a route to safety and opportunity for vulnerable girls

In Kenya’s North Rift region, harmful cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriage, poor school facilities, a weak child protection system, and a nomadic lifestyle undermine the well-being of children and keep them from fulfilling their potential in life.

World Vision is working to increase children’s access to education and thereby open door of opportunity for them. In addition, they are partnering with communities to raise awareness of children’s rights, create environments that protect children, and strengthen the capacity of local organizations that respond to abuse so that children suffering harm are supported in their recovery.

Read stories of real lives changed

The Kenya Child Protection and Education Project provides girls safety and opportunity

One of the most effective ways to combat FGM and early marriages is education. World Vision’s Kenya Child Protection and Education project will benefit approximately 17,000 children in Kenya’s North Rift Provence.

Early marriage, FGM, and a low retention and completion rate for secondary schools go hand-in-hand for girls in this region of Kenya. Many girls have an interest in attending school and may even enroll, but they may be seen as more valuable by their fathers as a source of cattle, received as a dowry for marrying them off to much older men. Poor economic conditions and a recent drought have resulted in even further challenges for families in the area, making it even less likely that families would be willing or able to send their children to school—especially girls.

Kenya Girls School Construction Table